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Welcome to The Two Thieves!

With an "online store/blog" such as mine, The Two Thieves, should I really be resting on my laurels? Gotta be out there catching the crooks, chasing down the gangstas, and bringing the villains to justice through...art.

Welcome, friends. In case you are unable to view my profile page, I've posted the story behind this blog-store for you behind "the cut" (the clickable link).Why Two Thieves?Collapse )
I want to bring you one-of-a-kind and gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Nothing pleases me more than seeing someone wearing a piece of jewelry that I've made. I'm always out exploring the newest trends in jewelry creation to expand my repertoire. When asked I can create a specialized piece of jewelry specific to the person. I try to show new and interesting pieces, but I have some classics too that people enjoy wearing.

If you have any questions for me regarding my jewelry, please contact me at wldmiller@gmail.com or leave a comment here in this journal. People without Livejournal accounts can leave messages, just please leave your name so that I know who stopped by.

Payment Policy and Options

Since I'm learning this whole business thing, I had a bit of confusion with two buyers over one piece. To make sure this doesn't happen again, I've come up with a policy (similar to Ebay.com policies) in which to protect you the buyer and me designer who is learning with every selling experience.

Interested buyers should send me an email before sending payment via PayPal or snail mail to let me know which pieces you are interested in. When I receive your email, I will update the Two Thieves blog to show that the pieces you are interested in are pending sale. To ensure fairness for all buyers and similar to Ebay.com payment guidelines, payment is due 7 days after inquiry. Once payment is received and cleared, a SOLD notice will be put on the piece you purchased and the item will be in the mail to you the following day.

However, "Sale Pending" will be removed if payment has not been received within 7 days.

Commissioned creation prices will be discussed individually. Payment is based on the purchase of materials and time/labor.

I accept cash via snail mail. Or you can Pay Safe with PayPal. Please send all PayPal payments to minitrue@yahoo.com. Thank you for your order!


Got this message from the LiveJournal administrators:

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know officially that your craftgrrl entry (http://community.livejournal.com/craftgrrl/12458601.html) made it into the LiveJournal anniversary anthology. We just received a proof copy of the book in our office and we're so happy with it—the book is beautiful and your post looks great.

Right now the book is slated to come out in October, so be on the lookout. It will be for sale through Blurb.com, a print on-demand publisher (http://www.blurb.com). I'm very happy to tell you that we're going to be able to give each contributor a free copy of the book (in addition to the promised LJ gift certificate)! We're still working out the details with Blurb of exactly how that's going to work, but I wanted to let you know that it is in the cards.

Thanks for all your help and your amazing contributions to LiveJournal (and the book!).

Best regards,

The LJ Editorial Team

New Jewelry Posting!

I've have some new items to show off, and I can't wait to hear what you think about it. But first I have to say that currently the Two Thieves etsy.com shop is closed. There's a lot going on right now and I just don't have the time to post regularly on etsy.com to offset the cost and time it takes to maintain the store. Until things calm down in my life, I'm going to be posting on my blog again.

I've updated my blog, http://thetwothieves.blogspot.com/, and hopefully you'll find the new layout appealing to the eye. I rather like it.

This week I'm featuring a necklace and some more Used Stamp pendants. The necklace is a collaboration between my dad and I - he bought the pendant, I put the rest together. *lol*

The Used Stamp pendants feature stamps from China, India and neat stamps from the US.

My next goal is to start adding some of my photography to the blog. I am really enjoying my lomographic camera, the Holga, and all it's funky glory. I think you might like my shots too.

Happy Commissions!

I love it when my customers send me pictures of themselves in my jewelry. It's so much fun to see who's wearing what with what.

Here is my friend, Anna MW, wearing the necklace she requested from me. She actually sent me all the bits and said, "String it up! Make me something cool!" I know she's open to some really funky and fun designs so I felt really open to make something bold.

The necklace is kind of Road Warrior-esque, definitely bold to match Anna's bold personality.

It's just a lot of fun to find something that matches a person so well. I love the outfit she teamed the necklace with, the necklace brings a bit of bling but isn't overbearing. Trying to upload a close up of necklace and face but it isn't working!

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Along with the Road Warrior necklace pieces, Anna sent me some darling buttons, little round Flapper Girl faces in red and said, "Make something with these!" I was only happy to oblige her.

The Two Thieves is on Etsy.com!

If you didn't get the email or didn't see the Facebook post let me spread the news:

The Two Thieves has moved to ETSY.COM!!! You can find me at http://the2thieves.etsy.com.

I'm branching out too - not just jewelry, but also the best of my Holga photos and those quirky vintage finds I pick up whenever I run across them.

I'll still post my behind the scenes adventures with my shopping partners in crime - my mom is coming down so I KNOW we'll have some fantastic adventures while she's here.

Another Happy Customer!

The ever fun cracked glass dangle-ly earrings found a lovely home with Sharon PW. She looks oh so rockin' with those groovy earrings on!

I really do love seeing how the pieces look on people. I always ask my customers if I can post their pictures on my blog. I just get a big kick that people are wearing my jewelry! I mean, WOW!!

Sharon writes: Wearing my newly purchased Crackle Glass Earrings! I love them, Wendi! Thanks:) And those earrings love you! A better match could not be found!

Graduation Present for Cousin

My cousin Cassandra just graduated from high school. Seeing as she's one of my favorite people, I knew I had to make something really neat for her.

Originally my design was a little more high school. In other words, I was going to do a banded bracelet decorated with her high school colors in Swarovski crystals with the numbers 0 and 9 flanking the crystals. The only problem with this design is that, much like a class ring, I was worried that she might not wear it after a year. I mean, I wore my HS class ring for a couple of years, but after college...I just didn't see the point*.

So I wanted something that was a little more unique that could not only represent a milestone like graduating high school but also something she could wear over and over again without worrying that it has lost its neato-ness.

That's when the phrase "roots and wings" popped into my head. My mom and I were avid Designing Women fans when I was younger. One of our favorite episodes is the one in which Suzanne Sugarbaker is taking care of a foster child and doesn't want to let her go. Her older sister, Julia, reminds her of a pillow that their grandmother had given them with the following quote stitched on it:
Dear Little One,
I wish two things;
To give you roots.
To give you wings.

When I graduated high school way back in 1993, my mother had written on my cake "Roots and Wings" knowing that I would understand, if not fully appreciate, what she meant. It's stuck with me for years.

So to my dear Cassandra, upon your graduation, your family has given you roots and now they give you wings.


(Brass Vintaj findings and chain, pendant (tree, for the roots) and bird, glass "garnet" colored bead symbolizing Cassandra's birthmonth)

Dainty Cameo

Tiny and petite, strung on a simple, yet elegant, strand of pearl-esqe seed beads. Magnetic clasp in cold.